Appellate Practice Tools and Resources

Appellate Practice Tools and Resources

Appellate Packet for Trial Attorneys

Request for Appointment of Appellate Counsel for a Single Justice Petition (interlocutory review)

SJ Appellate Assignment Intake Form

If you are interested in learning more about the CAFL Appellate Panel or would like to receive notice when applications are being accepted for the next CAFL Appellate Panel certification training, please email:

Andrew Cohen, CAFL Appellate Panel Director


Ann Narris, CAFL Appellate Panel Support Unit Attorney

CAFL is actively seeks to diversify its private attorney panel membership.

The Law

CAFL Appellate Practice

CAFL Administration

Appellate Bulletins and Other Releases

Brief-Writing Tips


In Order of Appearance in an Appellate Brief

General Writing Tips (Grammar, Punctuation, Etc.) (with lots of CAFL appellate examples)

Training Materials, Models, Research


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