Children and Family Law (CAFL) attorneys can access additional substantive practice information on the CPCS page of

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Cases, Case Summaries, and Legal Research Memos

Due process issue/resource bank                                                  1:28 of the Week (2018-2019)

Compendium of unpublished decisions                                     Research memos on other topics

Appellate Bulletins (from 2008-2020)                                          Summaries of Recent Decisions

Search All Appellate Decisions                                                       Reporter of Decisions

Clinical Research Bank

Kinship Placements, Benefits of  (ABA Toolkit)                                 Legal Orphans  

Sibling placement/visitation  (ABA Toolkit)                                        Post-adoption contact

Trauma from removal (ABA Toolkit)

E-Filing (everything you need to know – click here)

Model Briefs

(including appellant/appellee/hybrid and reply briefs; petitions for further appellate review; petitions for rehearing; and Moffett briefs)

Model Motions

(including docketing motions; late notice of appeal; new trial/ineffective assistance of counsel; and other helpful motions)

Oral Arguments

Practice Tips and Training Materials

Statutes, Court Rules & DCF Regulations/Policies


G.L. c. 119, Care and Protection Proceedings/Termination of Parental Rights/CRA Cases. s.21 & 39E-L

G.L. c. 210, Adoption and Change of Names

G.L. c. 190B Article V, Protection of Persons Under Disability and Their Property (The Guardianship Statute)

G.L. c. 112, sec. 129A, 135A, 135B, 172, 172A Confidential Communications and Adolescent Consent to Medical Care

G.L. c. 233, sec 20A, 20B, 20J, 20K  Privileged Communications

Court Rules

Appeals Court Rules and Standing Orders                      Supreme Judicial Court Rules and Orders

Rules of Appellate Procedure                                              Rules of Civil Procedure

Juvenile Court Rules                                                              Probate and Family Court Rules

Trial Court Rules                                                                      Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure

Rules of Professional Conduct

Trial Court Administrative Order 1-19 (Transcription Procedures for Appellate Review)

DCF Regulations and Policies

DCF Regulations

DCF Policies

Massachusetts Guide to Evidence