Assignment Information

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Appeals from final judgment

Trial attorneys are responsible for filing timely Notice of Appeal and the accompanying documents to secure appellate counsel and waive fees and costs of appeal after a final judgment

Appeals from interlocutory orders

Appeals from interlocutory orders (not final judgment) the trial attorney must immediately complete and submit the single justice appellate assignment intake form to [email protected], request transcripts/recordings/relevant documents, and promptly respond to the APSU and assigned appellate counsel

Other appellate assignments

The APSU can also assign appellate counsel to advise on possible appellate issues, assist in filing a late notice of appeal (from final judgments only) in the appeals court, and assist trial attorneys interested in filing a single justice appeal

CAFL Appellate Guide for Trial Attorneys

(Note:  Every trial attorney should read this Guide to know what to expect and what is required for each single justice or final appeal)

Notice of Appeal (for final appeals only)

(adult appellants must sign the Notice of Appeal)

Late Notice of Appeal

Motion for Appointment of Appellate Counsel(for final appeals only)

(any party to the appeal must file a motion for appointment of appellate counsel)

Motion for Fees and Costs of Appeal (for final appeals and some single justice petitions)

(trial counsel should have the client complete a new indigency affidavit as the court may require an updated indigency determination to appoint appellate counsel and waive fees and costs)

Appellate Assignment Intake Form (for final appeals only)

(complete all sections of the intake form as soon as your motion to appoint counsel is allowed.  Completed forms should be emailed to Abby Salois [email protected])

Appellate Assignment Intake Form (for single justice appeals only)

(complete all sections of the form immediately upon identifying an issue for single justice appeal.  All single justice appeals (including the Petition and Memorandum) must be filed within 30 days of the judgment/order.  This time period cannot be waived or extended)