Hiring and Certification

If you are interested in applying for a position with CPCS, please consult our job listings, and follow the application instructions found there. If you are an attorney and wish to accept appointments on CPCS cases, you must first be certified by CPCS in the area(s) in which you seek to practice. More information on certification can be found on the Hiring and Certification page.

Training & Practice Area Resources

The CPCS Training Coordinator maintains a list of CPCS and third-party resources for attorneys, including the CPCS training calendar.

Private Counsel & Vendor Billing

You can find information on Private Counsel and Vendor Billing at the Private Attorney Payment Department main page.

Jump directly to the Court Cost Vendor Manual.

Assigned Counsel Manual  

The Assigned Counsel Manual lays out policies and procedures for attorneys representing indigent clients through the Committee for Public Counsel Services pursuant to G.L. c.211D.

Appeal Referral Form

When assigned trial counsel files a notice of appeal following a trial, a violation of probation hearing, or after a single justice has allowed an interlocutory appeal, counsel should download an APPEAL REFERRAL FORM,  complete it, and submit it by clicking on the “Submit” button at the end of the form, or by e-mailing it to appealform@publiccounsel.net.