Drew Don, Trial Panel Director

** Please note that as of July 1, 2022, the rate of payment for work billed on CAFL cases (excluding Child Requiring Assistance cases) has been increased to $85/hr. The rate of payment for work billed on Child Requiring Assistance cases has been increased to $65/hour.

In addition to the staff attorneys who work in the CAFL Trial Offices, CAFL also certifies qualified private attorneys to become members of the Trial Panel. Presently, there are over 700 private attorneys statewide who are certified to accept CAFL cases.

Admission to the CAFL trial panel is by application only and requires satisfactory completion of a training program combining substantive law and trial skills.  See CAFL Trial Panel Certification Requirements.

For more information on training opportunities, see CAFL Training.

For a comprehensive list of litigation resources, billing requirements and other resources, see Professional Resources.

For additional information, contact the CAFL Trial Panel Support Unit.