What We Do

The Office of the General Counsel is responsible for developing and carrying out the agency’s fiscal, operational, human resources, and legislative polices as a member of the senior management team. It provides legal counsel to the agency’s Chief Counsel and governing Committee, and leads in planning and implementing the agency’s litigation strategies. It is the office that serves as the agency’s liaison to the Attorney General on agency litigation, and is responsible for working with the Chief Counsel and Human Resources director on issues relating to employment law. It provides representation and advocacy for the agency before the Legislature and the Executive branch of government, which includes presenting oral and written testimony to legislative committees. In this role, and with the assistance of its community liaison unit, it drafts, files, analyzes, and tracks legislation that affects the rights of CPCS clients and agency operations. It manages the staff of the agency’s Audit and Oversight Unit and the Community Liaison Unit, both which report to the office of the General Counsel. It is also charged with building and maintaining relationships with bar associations to promote the welfare of CPCS clients. Lastly, the Office of the General Counsel manages the agency’s message to the media by responding to all media inquiries either directly by the General Counsel or, indirectly by coordinating the appropriate staff to deliver the appropriate message; developing and executing the agency’s overall media strategy; nurturing relationships with members of the media; and drafting and distributing pertinent media advisories, press kits, and news releases to media outlets.