Assigned Counsel Manual*

This manual informs attorneys representing indigent clients through the Committee for Public Counsel Services pursuant to G.L. c.211D of the qualification, training and performance requirements, the billing process, audit and evaluation procedures, and other policies and procedures related to assignment and compensation.

Attorneys who accept assignments of cases pursuant to G.L. c.211D are required to follow the policies and procedures in this manual and any other CPCS publications, and any amendments, revisions, or additions to CPCS policies and procedures. Indigent Court Cost vendors are subject to the CPCS General Billing Policies and Procedures.

Chapter 1: Scope of Services
Chapter 2: General Policies Applicable to All Assigned Counsel
Chapter 3: Certification and Assignment Procedures
Chapter 4: A. Criminal Performance Standards
Chapter 4: B. Civil performance Standards and Complaint Procedures
Chapter 5: Policies and Procedures Governing Billing and Compensation
Chapter 6: Court Costs of Indigent Persons Fund
Chapter 7: Audit and Oversight Procedures
Chapter 8: Offense Codes
Chapter 9: Court Codes

CPCS Assigned Counsel Forms

*Please note that all chapters are in PDF format.