What We Do

We provide legal representation in Massachusetts for those unable to afford an attorney in all matters in which the law requires the appointment of counsel. This includes representation in criminal, delinquency, youthful offender, child welfare, mental health, sexually dangerous person and sex offender registry cases, as well as related appeals and post-conviction matters.

Representation is provided by a combination of approximately 500 staff attorneys and 3,000 private attorneys trained and certified to accept appointments. Support for and supervision of these attorneys is provided by the Private Counsel and Public Defender Divisions (for criminal cases and related matters), the Children and Family Law Division (for child welfare cases), the Youth Advocacy Division (for delinquency, youthful offender, and GCL revocation cases), and the Mental Health Litigation Division (for guardianships and mental health/substance abuse commitments). Additionally, the Immigration Impact Unit provides attorneys within all divisions with training, litigation support and advice in individual cases regarding immigration consequences for noncitizens clients.

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CPCS, Prince Lobel Create Walter B. Prince Fellowship December 4, 2019 - The Committee for Public Counsel Services and Boston law firm Prince Lobel have joined together to create the Walter B. Prince Fellowship – a one-year program that provides financial and training support to an outstanding attorney at the beginning of their career. The fellowship was created this year to honor the legacy of firm co-founder […]
Rodriguez Named to El Mundo Boston 30 under 30 List November 15, 2019 - Anna Shaddae Rodriguez, a staff attorney for the Committee for Public Counsel Services, has been named to the El Mundo Boston Latino 30 under 30 list. El Mundo annually awards “young individuals making an impact on the Massachusetts Latino community in a variety of fields. … The list serves to highlight the growing and invaluable […]
High Court Outlines New Showup Procedures November 14, 2019 - Police officers are required to give specific instructions to witnesses before they attempt to identify a suspect during the immediate aftermath of an alleged crime, according to a high court decision outlining the new protocol. The Supreme Judicial Court, siding with an argument made by Committee for Public Counsel Services attorneys, expanded a prior ruling […]
Committee Meeting Agenda – November 20, 2019 Meeting November 13, 2019 - AGENDA Executive Session:  *FY 2020 Compensation Proposal – Discussion of Chief Counsel and Manager Salaries Open Session: FY 2020 Compensation Proposal – Committee Vote on Chief Counsel and Manager Salaries Pursuant to Line Item 0321-1500 in Section 2 of Chapter 41 of the Acts of 2019 (FY 2020 General Appropriation Law) Approval of minutes of […]
Public Defenders Seek Fair Retirement Classification November 13, 2019 - Prosecutors and public defenders have stressful jobs, and both are frequently placed face-to-face with the trauma that inevitably surfaces when working in the criminal justice system.  But when it comes to retirement, assistant district attorneys and those who work for the Committee for Public Counsel Services are treated much differently. Prosecutors receive enhanced retirement benefits, […]
CPCS Leaders, International Guest Tour Child Welfare Center November 4, 2019 - Committee for Public Counsel Services Youth Advocacy Division leaders toured a Bay State child welfare and juvenile justice center with an international guest and showcased some model residential and educational programming for children and youth. Mona Igram, the attorney in charge of the Committee for Public Counsel Services’ Youth Advocacy Division office in Lowell, and Josh Dohan, […]