Social Work/Social Services Vendors

Who we are:
We are human services professionals with education and experience in a wide-range of social services fields who can be hired by defense attorneys appointed by the court to represent indigent clients across CPCS Divisions. We are expected to have a commitment to due process and client-centered representation.

What we do:
We provide strategic, litigation-focused, non-direct services to public and private defense attorneys and their clients under the Indigent Court Cost Act (ICCA). Our work can improve our clients’ chances of successful litigation.

Private Social Work/Social Services Vendors are hired in the following CPCS Divisions: 

Children and Family Law Division (CAFL):  The Children and Family Law Division represent children and parents in cases in which the Department of Children and Families (DCF) removes children from their homes because of claims of neglect or abuse.  CAFL also provides lawyers to children and parents in child requiring assistance (CRA) cases.  We also represent children and parents in contested guardianship cases.


Youth Advocacy Division (YAD):  The Youth Advocacy Division ensures that every child from an indigent family in Massachusetts has access to zealous legal representation that incorporates a Positive Youth Development Approach.  YAD works with each client to achieve both legal and life success.  Ed Law Project falls under this division.


Mental Health Litigation Division (MHLD):  The Mental Health Litigation Division is committed to protecting the legal and constitutional rights of citizens facing civil commitment to mental hospitals, guardianships and involuntary treatment including the administration of antipsychotic medications.


Public Defender/Private Counsel Adult Criminal:  These divisions represent adults in criminal matters and are dedicated to providing zealous advocacy, community-oriented defense and protection of fundamental constitutional and human rights.

I’m an attorney. How do I hire a Social Work/Social Services Vendor?

Becoming a CPCS Social Services Expert Vendor


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