The Committee for Public Counsel Services has affiliations with the organizations listed below. You can click their respective logos to visit their home pages for more in-depth outlines of their products and services. Links to other informational resources can also be found below.


The new release of Lexis Advance, coming later this summer, also brings some exciting enhancements to our integrated research tools.

[intra]If you are an existing attorney or investigator and are having trouble gaining access to your Lexis account, please change your password and contact the Training Coordinator if the problem persists[/intra]

To sign in to go to
To sign in to Lexis Advance go to





The Training Department serves as liaison between CPCS and The Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)

The calendar for upcoming MCLE trainings can be found on their website.

Please note that MCLE offers in-person programs as well as webcasts which may be viewed on demand with a webkey.

[intra]Often CPCS staff and attorneys are eligible for a discounted entry fee. If you are interested in attending a training, please contact the Training Coordinator.[/intra]

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NAPD allows members to share expertise through various resources including webinars and listserves to help facilitate
[intra]Anyone who is a CPCS employee is entitled to a log-in due to the organization’s membership with NAPD. If you have not yet been given a log-in and password, please contact the training coordinator. This will allow you access to NAPD’s many web resources and webinars.[/intra]
Please note that all NAPD webinars are recorded and available on MyGideon

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