Director: Beau Kealy

The Mental Health Litigation Division is committed to protecting the legal and constitutional rights of citizens facing civil commitment to mental hospitals, guardianship and involuntary treatment including the administration of anti-psychotic medications. We do this through four staffed offices and a panel of private attorneys. All of our attorneys receive training in issues relating to mental health and the statutory and constitutional rights of our clients. We also provide training to attorneys in other divisions in mental health issues.

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Announcement: CPCS Mental Health Litigation Division Civil Commitment and Related Forced Medication Petitions Certification Training – Fall 2023

The Mental Health Litigation Division (MHLD) of the Committee for Public Counsel Services is seeking qualified attorneys to represent clients in civil commitment and forced medication cases in the District and Boston Municipal Courts. In Massachusetts, people experiencing psychiatric distress can be involuntarily detained at psychiatric facilities, committed for up to six months or a year, and treated with anti-psychotic medications against their wishes. These substantial deprivations of liberty entitle people to court-appointed counsel to ensure that all their rights under the law are protected. Civil commitment cases offer frequent and fast-paced litigation experience, client contact, and the satisfaction of providing zealous client-centered advocacy to people who are marginalized because of their mental health challenges.

Certified attorneys will be reimbursed for their work at the rate of $65.00 per hour.

CERTIFICATION PAYMENT: In addition, you may be eligible for a “Certification Payment” in the amount of $2,372.50 if you successfully complete the entire course, and within one year of completion you take at least ten (10) civil commitment cases and bill at least 200 hours.

 Application Submission:

Admission to the MHLD trial panel is by application only. All attorneys who accept CPCS assignments are required to maintain professional liability insurance. Completed applications must be submitted by Wednesday, August 9, 2023. MHLD will notify applicants on or about August 23 whether they have been admitted to the training program and with further instructions about how to register.




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