Investigation Resources

The following is a set of links involving investigation resources. Some of the resources are maintained by CPCS, many are not. For a comprehensive list of professional resources maintained by CPCS Training, check out their Professional Resources page.

Criminal Records

Mass CORI Reader How to understand probation records and rightshttp://www.mass…s/3d_Ed-2d_Rev.pdf

Mass. Law About Criminal Records Great link for anything related to CORI

Mass. Statute M.G.L. c.6, s. 167-178B

Freedom of Information

DEA Freedom of Information (FOIA)

FBI’s FOIA Website

FOIA First Amendment Project with online instructions. http://www.thef…esourcecenter.html

Federal FOIA It creates the letter after you put in the information. Fully automated online request form.!/

A Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law http://www.sec….e/prepdf/guide.pdfwith sample requests at http://www.sec…

US Dept. of Justice FOIA page http://www.usdo…gov/oip/index.html


Crime and Clues Crime Scene And Criminal Investigations Mega Site with daily updates. It is very good.

Investigator’s Toolbox: Online resources from phone numbers to vital records.http://www.virt…

Virtual Gumshoe  Free Resources for investigators


Boston BRA  You can get neighborhood maps. Most cities should have something similar.…/bra/maps/maps.asp Google Earth Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips. This can also give you measurements from one place to another. GPS Visualizer http://gpsvisua…  Calculate the distance between two addresses This calculator will find the straight-line distance between two locations of any kind: street addresses, city names, ZIP codes, etc. You can superimpose the results on a variety of maps and sat photos. Other good sites are:  Maporama Mapquest Find a place; driving directions; Plan a trip. Microsoft Virtual Earth Amazing 2D – 3D Aerial Map Views Aerial Views of Cities and Streets Amazing 2D – 3D Aerial Map Views Aerial Views of Cities and Streets My Neighborhood  My Neighborhood Just enter your property address to get detailed information about your community such as the nearest library or community center.…/neighborhoods.asp  Most cities will have something similar to this. Could be useful for voir dire.

Public Records

Criminal Records Free Listed below are over 1,330 state, county, city and federal (court) URL’s where you can access public record information for free.http://www.crim…om/freerecords.htm

Mass. Searchable Public Record Databases including: licensing and on line cities and towns. http://www.sear…et/list.php?nid=30  by city and town

Public Records Law http://www.sec… Lets you know what is a public record from accident reports to internal affairs.

Statewide Criminal Background Check Resources 

Vital Records “This page contains information about where to obtain copies of Massachusetts vital records, such as birth & death certificates, marriage licenses & divorce decrees. See the guidelines for information on how to order vital records. Check the related links for additional information on Massachusetts and ordering vital records.


Historical Weather Conditions So you want to know what the weather was like on some past day. Well, this page is going to show you how to get the data you need.http://www.weat…  or http://www.weat…com/wxhistory.html National Climate Data http://www.ncdc… Sunrise/sunset times on the website of the U.S. Naval Observatory, in case anyone is interested, at http://aa.usno….ocs/RS_OneYear.php Time and Date Weather Underground

Witness Locating: Military

How to Locate Military People http://usmilita…es/a/millocate.htm Locating Military People Procedures  http://usmilita…oom/l/bllocate.htm

Witness Locating: Telephone Numbers

Area Code Lookup http://www.benn…sd-pages/area.html Google  Type a phone number into Google, it will often disclose the name of the phone subscriber, address and even a link to a yahoo map. You need to write the number in this form 617-482-6212.  Reverse Directory  This contains a reverse phone number directory in addition to trying to locate a witness or Reverse Directory

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