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Beginning fiscal year 2018, CPCS will pay up to eight (8) hours of mandatory CLEs taken by bar advocates during the fiscal year. Payment and submission are on a fiscal year basis; not a calendar year.

Payment will only be made after a bar advocate has billed 600 hours. CLE submissions may be made before the 600 hours is reached, but they will not be paid until that threshold is crossed. CLE payments will be made quarterly.

The process is as follows:

  • Bar advocate administrators (BAA) track CLEs for their respective bar advocates.
  • BAA populate a data collection spreadsheet with information that determines payment – the first four columns.
    • The system ignores any data after these columns.
    • For multi-day events, use column “Date Attended” to indicate the start date and  “Date End” to indicate end date.  You ONLY need to put a date in the “Date End” column if the training is more than 1 day; otherwise, leave that column blank.
  • BAA submits the spreadsheets to their respective CPCS private counsel staffer.
  • Input will be processed
    • On processing, if errors are discovered on the data sheets, the errors will be reported back to the CPCS private counsel staff.
    • The private counsel staffer is responsible for reconciling the errors with the Bar Advocate program and resubmitting corrections.
    • For sheets containing both correct submissions and incorrect submissions (e.g., invalid BBO # format), correct submissions will not be held up by the submissions with data errors.
  • ALL data must be submitted, verified and ingested into the system by the first month after the quarter to be paid during that payment cycle (e.g., end of January, April, July, October). If they are not completed at that time, payment will be delayed until the next payment cycle.
    • Example 1: BAA 1 submits CLEs on January 15th (within the one month submission period after the preceding Quarter 2). System validates the data is correct. Payment for all bar advocates with over 600 hours billed will be paid in February. For attorneys with fewer than 600 hours, their data will be retained until they exceed the hourly threshold.
    • Example 2: BAA 2 submits CLEs on January 15th. System finds three errors. Error free data is processed as above. Three errors are provided to the CPCS private counsel staff and who supply them to the BAA for correction.
      • If BAA corrects the data and gets it back in time for processing before January 31st, they will be paid in February.
      • If BAA does not get the corrected data back until after the January 31st deadline, payment will occur in the next payment period.
    • Example 3: BAA 2 submits CLEs on February 15th (after the Q2 deadline). Data is processed as above and will be paid in the next payment cycle.