General References

The following is a collection of general references. The resources are not maintained by CPCS.


Confrontation Blog devoted to reporting and commenting on developments related to Crawford v. Washington http://confront…  

Criminal Law Professor’s Blog about criminal law, violent crime and the judiciaryhttp://lawprofe…f_blog/blog_watch/

DUI Blog Run by a Lawyer from California Lawrence Taylorauthor of over thirty articles and 14 books, including the standard textbooks on DUI litigation,Drunk Driving Defense, 6th ed.

Forensics Talk Blog: “I’m a registered nurse with over 30 years of clinical nursing experience combined with paralegal, forensics, fraud and medicolegal death investigation training. I Practice as a certified Forensic Nurse Examiner and am an independent forensic nurse consultant.” http://harfordm…r_of_evidence.html

Massachusetts Correctional Officer’s Walpole CO’s bulletin board is at , & that page has links to the boards for other institutions. At least one board has been taken down since I last visited, though it might be available in’s cache or via http://www.arch… . I once had a client whose alleged disciplinary issue was openly discussed on the Walpole board, though I don’t know whether the COs are routinely that careless.

Newspaper Blogs and Message Boards Many newspapers are posting online. If you have a case that hits the media check out to see if there are blogs or online responses. Can be a source of witnesses and support for voir dire and/or change of venue. For examples see:

Boston Globe News http://www.bost…ion/breaking_news/

Boston Herald http://www.bost…s/city_desk_wired/

Worcester http://www.topi…/city/worcester-ma



Boston Public Library

Google Book Search

Mass. Library and Information Network Gateway to all library services  http://mblc.sta…    or http://www.libr…des/libraries.html

Mass. State Library System. Any state employee can get a library card to the State House library. You can apply on line. With that card, you can get on-line access to their databases: Infotrac, Expanded Academic Index, Boston Globe and other local papers and Expanded Academic Index to track down articles on psychiatric and sociological issues.      Mass. State Library System

Social Law Library
The Social Law Library is a member-managed, dues-supported legal research institution located in the John Adams Courthouse in Boston . The Library provides research materials, training, continuing legal education (CLE) and services to the judiciary and practicing bar of Massachusetts.

Trial Court Law Libraries.

Worldcat Search for an item in libraries near you

News and Magazine Links

Online newspapers and TV stations in Massachusetts.

Online Papers In Mass… or…qo4CFQccHgodeBLMQg

Online Papers In Mass This has multiple world wide news links including every online Massachusetts paper [92] including the Wire service covering Massachusetts state government in depth. http://www.abyz…

TV stations or http://www.mass… or http://en.wikip…s_in_Massachusetts

Radio stations  http://www.usne…iostations/ma.html or http://www.onth…massachusetts.aspx

Berkshire Eagle

Boston Globe It – like most papers – has a Globe Extra feature that lets subscribers search and print out articles free. This is very useful for documenting affidavits supporting voir dire

Boston Herald

Brockton Enterprise

CNN website It often has transcripts available for their programming.

Federal News Service – full text speeches, hearings and debates. “is a vast archive of published articles that you can search for free. Constantly updated, it contains articles dating back to 1998 from more than 300 magazines and journals. You will find articles on a range of topics, including business, health, society, entertainment, sports and more. Unlike other online collections, each of the hundreds of thousands of articles in FindArticles can be read in its entirety and printed at no cost.”

Hampshire Gazette

Lawrence Eagle Tribune

Lowell Sun

Magazine Portal Find individual articles from many free magazines by browsing the categories or using the search engine. From The Atlantic Monthly to Entertainment Today to JAAPA to Mother Jones.

New York Times.

Patriot Ledger

Union News Springfield

Virtual LRC Online Magazine Search Page “1. Enter keyword(s) 2. Select magazine(s) desired. (select up to 4) and click Search. Try this first!” From Time to US News to New Republic to Discover and NY Review of Books http://www.virt…com/magsearch.html

Worcester Telegram


Babel Fish Translator

Your Dictionary Searches in 260 languages/100 specialties

Free translators on line: http://www.worl…e/UP26384/T1/P2/l/

Office of Interpreter Services website
Provides interpreters for attorneys of indigent defendants who do not speak English.

Court-approved interpreter list– List of interpreters available for out of court assignments.

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