Staff in CAFL’s Family Justice Advocates (FJA) represent children and indigent parents in state intervention/family regulation cases in the Hampden County Juvenile Courts and Probate and Family Courts. FJA – located in Springfield – is CAFL’s “conflicts” trial office. It has separate physical offices, management, computer systems, and other mechanisms in place to ensure its independence and separation from all other CPCS offices for conflict-of-interest purpose

Committee for Public Counsel Services
Family Justice Advocates 
1441 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Springfield MA 01103
Phone: 413-707-9700
Fax: 413-707-2040





Attorney in Charge

Stacy Schleif
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Supervising Attorney

Jennifer Conroy
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Staff Attorneys

Hasina Bey Harrison
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Mariah Fleming
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Shannon Grieve
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Edith See
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Alexander Smith
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Samantha A Peetros
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Social Workers

Lisa Anne Baumbach
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Jessica Marquez
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Administrative Assistant

Kristin Orr-Westbrook
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* Serving Hampden County

Springfield Juvenile Court
Holyoke Juvenile Court

Family Justice Advocates was established in 2022 in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Located just blocks from the Springfield Juvenile Court, Family Justice Advocates provides client-focused representation to parents and children in child welfare family intervention cases throughout the county.   Hampden County is known for its mountains in the west and valleys in the east and consists of over 20 cities and towns.  Hampden County is also home to several beautiful state forests.  The Connecticut River runs through the heart of Springfield, providing a backdrop for a vibrant community.