Professional Resources

The following is a set of links for professional resources. Some of the resources are maintained by CPCS, many are not. For a comprehensive list of professional resources maintained by CPCS Training, check out their Professional Resources page.

Transcript Production

Office of Transcription Services.
Sybil Martin, Director
Oversees all court-approved transcribers and is responsible for processing the transcription of the recording  of the proceedings of the Superior Court, the Boston Municipal Court, and the Suffolk County Juvenile Court. It is not responsible for Court Reporters (see below).  For questions involving Court Reporters, contact Associate Court Administrator Richard Parsons of the Superior Court at:

Richard Parsons, Associate Court Administrator.
Superior Court Department
Oversees Court Reporters and Transcript Production matters for the Superior Court.

Trial Court’s approved transcriber list.
Use this link to obtain the contact information for court-certified transcribers.  All official transcripts must be prepared by a court-certified transcriber or official court reporter.


Office of Interpreter Services website.
Provides interpreters for attorneys of indigent defendants who do not speak English.

Court-approved interpreter list.


Legal Organizations

Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.
Statewide association of lawyers in Massachusetts devoted exclusively to serving all segments of the criminal defense bar.

Social Law Library
The Social Law Library is a member-managed, dues-supported legal research institution located in the John Adams Courthouse in Boston . The Library provides research materials, training, continuing legal education (CLE) and services to the judiciary and practicing bar of Massachusetts.

Trial Court Law Libraries.

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