Government Organizations & Professional Associations

The following is a collection links to organizations and associations relevant to the work of CPCS. The majority of these pages are not maintained by CPCS.

Other Legal Organizations

MACDL The Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers web site. It has the members directory and some legal briefs in it.   http://groups.y…com/group/MASSACDL

Mass. Legal Services / with locations and phone numbers

Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services, Inc. MCLS

NACDL’s site with much of the articles from THE CHAMPION online. It also has a very helpful chat room. Members are very generous with information and sample memos,


Board of Bar Overseers A quick way to get addresses and phone numbers.



Attorney General’s . Also, click here for Press releases.

Bristol County District Attorney’s Web Site . Click here for Press releases.

Cape and Islands DA . Click here for Press releases

Essex County DA . Click here for Press releases

Middlesex County District Attorney’s Web Site . Click here for Press releases.

Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office  http://www.mass…

Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office Web Site http://www.mass…

Suffolk County DA’s posts their press releases on this site. Funny how they  are sorted by defendant’s names. This site also contains phone numbers and locations.   http://www.mass…ress_releases.html

USA  Press releases

Worcester County District Attorney’s Web Site Press releases


Department of Correction/Bureau of Prisons

CMR and DOC Policies and Regulations from inmate case records to classification to the DDU .

Department of Corrections. with directions and phone numbers at

DOC Prison Gangs This site has links to monthly Security Threat Groups reports and outlines policy relative to STG’s.

DOC Prisoner Locater
Note: Use this link to locate inmates in the Massachusetts State Prison system and in other jurisdictions, including federal penitentiaries.  It cannot be used, however, to locate inmates in houses of corrections, county jails, or pre-release centers.
To locate a client serving a sentence in a house of corrections, contact the house of corrections for the county in which the client was convicted or check the mittimus. To locate a client who is not incarcerted, counsel should ask for the client’s contact information from the trial attorney. A client’s address and telephone number also usually appear on the complaint or police report associated wih the case, but this information is not always accurate.

Jails Locations and phone numbers

Prisoners Legal Services of Massachusetts  Prisoners’ Legal Services promotes the safe, humane and lawful treatment of Massachusetts prisoners through civil rights litigation, administrative advocacy, client counseling, and outreach to policy makers and the public.

Federal Bureau of Prisons.  Federal Bureau of Prisons Prisoner Locater via FOIA.(Click “Inmate Info.” at left). This “SENTRY” database also contains information about former inmates, dating back to 1982.

Prison Web Site Page http://www.pris…  General Information and contacts

Virtual OZ Welcome to Virtual Oz! Hit the START button to get going. This is a pretty realistic vision of a maximum security facility.

Federal Links


Bureau of Prisons


CFR Code of Federal Regulations http://www.gpoa…gov/cfr/index.html

DEA site


Misconduct Report re FBI Laboratory (2014): This is the latest of three reports issued by the Justice Department concerning the FBI’s failure to review convictions arising from negligent practices at the FBI lab in an investigation that started in 1997.

Federal Defenders Mass.,  NH and RI.

First Circuit Local Rules

The Federal Judicial Center Reference Manual On Scientific Evidence 2011 Wide ranging topics  from statistics to DNA to toxicology post NAS report.

Federal News Service – full text speeches, hearings and debates.

Federal Rules of Evidence as amended in 2014…./fre/overview.html

First Circuit Home Page

Homeland Security

PACER Online access to Federal Docket Sheets. Can use to track informants and witnesses.

US Attorney’s Manual: Title 9 is Criminal. http://www.usdo…reading_room/usam/


Office of Interpreter Services website.
Provides interpreters for attorneys of indigent defendants who do not speak English.

Court-approved interpreter list.

Police and Public Safety

Address of Every Police Department in the Commonwealthhttp://www.mass…  or every town and city, orhttp://www.mass…

Every Mass. Online Police Department including housing authorities and universities

Boston Police…

Boston Police  Academy http://www.bost…

Boston Police Crime Lab…/divisions/lab.asp

Brockton Police home page!

Cambridge Police site

Department of Corrections Home Page

Medical Examiner The older cached pages of the ME site has a lot of information that was removed in 1999. Use the Wayback machinehttp://web.arch…

Municipal Police Training Committee-The Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) is responsible for the development, delivery and enforcement of training standards of municipal, University of Massachusetts, and Environmental Police officers of the Commonwealth.

Parole Board

Public Safety And Justice Page that has the links to all the governmental agencies that deal with crime issues: from the Board of Bar Examiners, to the District Attorney Agencies to Mental Health to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and yes, Sex Offenders, etc. You get the picture.

Springfield Police

State Police Home Page

State Police Association Homepage

State Police Crime Lab Home Page

Worcester Police…

AELE Law Enforcement Legal Center  841 W. Touhy Ave.  Park Ridge IL 60068-3351 USA for experts and other information on deadly force http://www.aele…

Massachusetts Racial and Gender Profiling Institute of Justice Report

Police: State and Federal

State: Every Police Department in the Commonwealth http://www.mass…


State: Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council  orhttp://www.mass…e+(MPTC)&sid=Eeops

State: Massachusetts Law Enforcement network with many links – if you’re interested.

Federal: ATF

Federal: CIA

Federal: DEA site

Federal: FBI

AELE Law Enforcement Legal Center  841 W. Touhy Ave.  Park Ridge IL 60068-3351 USA for experts and other information on deadly force http://www.aele…

Massachusetts Racial and Gender Profiling Institute of Justice Report

State Home Page and State Agencies

Massachusetts State Home Page: Guide to Departments and Agencies “This page lists branches of government, Constitutional offices, and the departments under them, and provides links       to those with websites. We also provide links to other sources of information about local, state, and federal government.” http://www.stat… orhttp://www.mass…ments&sid=massgov2

Department of Public Health http://www.stat…us/dph/dphhome.htm

DCF offices or http://www.mass…rvices&sid=Eeohhs2

Board of Registration

Government Gateway to Massachusetts

Licensing agencies for everyone from social workers to psychologists, social workers

Licenses for all others, from Taxis to barbers to EMT’s to electrologists

Nurses Board of Registration

Sex Offender Registry Board.

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