Update: 9/27/2021

The  Juvenile Justice Policy & Data Board sends out important updates and information that is relevant to our work with our juvenile clients.  The following are all  components of, and report to, the JJPAD Board. Each group meets monthly and  CPCS is represented on each committee by YAD or CAFL staff.

  • Childhood Trauma Task Force:  Claudia Dunne, Director of Social Work & SW Vendors
  • Community-Based Interventions Sub-Committee:  Amy Ponte, CAFL; Migdalia Nalls, YAD
  • Data Sub-Committee:  Barbara Kaban
  • JJPAD Board: Josh Dohan, YAD Director

Of note,  Mass Health will now cover short-term preventative behavioral health services for children & youth who have behavioral health symptoms as evidenced by a positive behavioral health screening.


Please take a moment to review the update for more information.