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Duci Goncalves, Deputy Chief Counsel
Priscilla Duffy, Assistant Director
Pamela Lewis, Administrative Assistant
Angela Childs, Administrative Assistant

YAD Administration, under the oversight of the Director, maintains the responsibility for division policy, division mission, and training of staff attorneys and private bar advocate panels.  Juvenile Defenders, forensic social workers or social service advocates are encouraged to call or email any YAD administration director at any time for consultation or assistance on cases, to request training, to inquire about certification or other billing matters, or to raise concerns regarding anything having to do with the quality of representation or the fairness of court proceedings.  Click contact name below to send confidential email.

Confidential Complaints or Specific Inquires

Staff Offices or Staff Attorneys – contact Priscilla Duffy

Private Counsel Trial Panel – contact Erica Cushna

Juvenile Appellate Panel – contact Afton Templin

Juvenile Defense Training – contact Melanie Roberts

Education Advocacy – contact Marlies Spanjaard

Social Services – contact Claudia Dunne