YAD Training Unit

Melanie Roberts, Training Director                               Samuel Harold, Rotational Staff Counsel
75 Federal Street, 5th Floor • Boston, MA 02110          7 Palmer Street, Roxbury, MA 02119

YAD’s Training Unit designs, develops, and delivers training programs and materials to both CPCS YAD staff as well as the private bar advocates who represent indigent youth  in delinquency, youthful offender, and revocation cases throughout Massachusetts. The YAD Training Unit is part of the CPCS Training Department.

The mission of YAD training is to ensure that youth  receive zealous advocacy from well supported defense lawyers who have an intimate knowledge of cutting edge juvenile law, the juvenile court system, adolescent development, and who incorporate a Youth Development Approach in their representation, resulting in both legal and life success for our juvenile clients.

Private attorneys wishing to practice in juvenile court must apply to their bar advocate program, take the MCLE Bar Advocate Certification course and contact the YAD Trial Panel. One accepted to take cases in juvenile court there are additional training requirement to maintain YAD certification. (link to trial panel)

YAD’s training unit also provides continuing support to youth  defenders.  Our training unit maintains an expert database, as well as a listserv where juvenile defenders can pose questions and share information. Additionally YAD Training has published many legal outlines and courtroom practice guides to support the practice in juvenile court.

For advice or to access our listserv, please contact Melanie Roberts.


Private attorneys certified to represent CPCS clients in a variety of matters are required to earn continuing legal education (CLE) credits to maintain certification.  CPCS grants CLE credits for many programs conducted by CPCS, MCLE, the Social Law Library, the Boston Bar Association, the Massachusetts Bar Association, as well as many other organizations.  Check the Training Calendar for programs qualifying for CPCS CLE credit, or visit the CPCS Training Unit web page here.

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