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The EdLaw Project is an initiative of the Youth Advocacy Foundation and the Children & Family and Youth Advocacy Divisions of the Committee for Public Counsel Services.

EdLaw’s mission includes training, empowering and supporting lawyers across the state in advocating for education rights and fair and equitable treatment under Massachusetts’ education system.

EdLaw has created a program of education rights training modules for delinquency and child welfare attorneys practicing across Massachusetts.  Edlaw’s module approach has leveraged the expertise of nearly one thousand attorneys, and transformed the standard of practice for child advocacy in Massachusetts.  Assistance to students include advocating for them to receive appropriate special education services, identifying new school placement after dropping out or being pushed out of school, preventing school exclusion, and stopping criminal complaints being issued against students stemming from school-based incidents.

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EdLaw Staff:

Marlies Spanjaard, Director of Education Advocacy
Michele Scavongelli, Senior Counsel
Erin Hehn O’Sullivan, Senior Counsel
Elizabeth McIntyre, Senior Counsel
Tim Sindelar, Senior Counsel
Elizabeth Levitan, Staff Counsel
Kate DiVasto, Fellow/Staff Counsel
Diana Howat, Fellow/Staff Counsel

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