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Professional Resources for YAD Assigned Counsel
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Professional Resources (Youth Advocacy Division)

Below are resources to assist lawyers who represent youth in delinquency and youthful offender cases. By clicking on a topic area you can access legal outlines and other useful materials.

Adolescent Development                                                         Harassment Orders

Bail                                                                                             Juvenile Sex Offenses

Case Opening Booklet                                                              Miranda and Statements

Consequences of Juvenile Adjudications                                Overuse of Detention

Competency to Stand Trial                                                       Probation

Education Advocacy                                                                  School Search and Seizure

Department of Youth Services                                                 Sexually Exploited Children

Girls in Juvenile Justice                                                             Trauma and Resilience

LGBTQI and Gender Non Conforming Resources

Immigration Issues                                                                   Trial Resources

Juvenile Court Jurisdiction/Juvenile Dispositions                   Youthful Offender

Positive Youth Development/Positive Youth Justice               Young Adult Justice



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