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Division Oversight
100 Cambridge Street, 14th Floor
Boston, MA  02114
617.482.6212 (p)
617.988.8493 (f)

Director: Joshua Dohan

YAD Offices Operations
Assistant Director:  Priscilla Duffy

Senior Trial Counsel:  Laura Alfring

Supervising Administrative Assistant:  Pamela Lewis

Administrative Assistant:  Angela Childs

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YAD Private Counsel
35 Congress Street, Suite 351
Salem, MA 01970
Trial Panel Director:  Erica Cushna
978.219.5425 (p)
978.825.2095 (f)

Trial Panel Oversight Attorney:  Melissa Ellis
1822 North Main Street, Suite 205
Fall River, MA 02760
508.484.5787 (p)
508.672.5603 (f)

YAD Juvenile Appeals
1822 North Main Street, Suite 205
Fall River, MA 02760
Director of Juvenile Appeals:  Afton Templin
508.484.5785 (p)
508.672.5603 (f)

Juvenile Defense Training
100 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA 02114
Director of YAD Training:  
Training Staff Counsel:
  Melanie Roberts
617.482.6212 (p)
617.988.8493 (f)

YAD Social Services
7 Palmer Street
Roxbury, MA 02119
Director of Social Services:  Claudia Dunne

Education Advocacy
100 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02114
Director of Education Advocacy:  Marlies Spanjaard