The Juvenile Advisory Council (JDAC) is a collaboration of the CPCS private counsel divison, YAD, and the juvenile supervising attorneys from each bar advocate program in Massachusetts.  the JDAC meets four times a year to discuss training, practice, and advocacy issues throughout the commonwealth.

2017 – 2018 Current JDAC Members

Jamie Bennett, Attorney in Charge, YAD Worcester Office

Steven Bolivar, Supervising Attorney, Bar Advocates of Worcester County

Anna Bulkin, YAD Director of Social Work

Patrick Colvario, Supervising Attorney, Suffolk Lawyers for Justice

Jennifer Cox, Supervising Attorney, Franklin County Bar Advocates

Erica Cushna, YAD Trial Panel Director

Maryellen Cuthbert, Supervising Attorney, Middlesex Defense Attorneys

Theresa Dillon, Supervising Attorney, Pilgrim Advocates, Inc.

Joshua Dohan, YAD Director

Priscilla Duffy, YAD Assistant Director

Melissa Ellis, Supervising Attorney, Bristol County Bar Advocates

Jessica Foley, Supervising Attorney, Norfolk County Bar Advocates

Helen Fremont, YAD Trial Panel Oversight

Duci Goncalves, Attorney in Charge, YAD Quincy Office

Mona Igram, Attorney in Charge, YAD Lowell Office

Michael Kilkelly, Supervising Attorney, Middlesex Defense Attorneys

Nancy McLean, Attorney in Charge, YAD Hyannis Office

Jennifer McNulty, Supervising Attorney, Barnstable County Bar Advocates

Joe Mulhern, Attorney in Charge, YAD Fall River Office

Audrey Murillo, Supervising Attorney, Suffolk Lawyers for Justice

David Paradis, Supervising Attorney, Hampden County Bar Advocates

Bruce Patryn, Supervising Attorney, Hampshire County Bar Advocates

Scott Rankin, Attorney in Charge, YAD Salem Office

Jeff Richards, Attorney in Charge, YAD Robury Office

Ryan Schiff, YAD Director of Juvenile Appeals

Holly Smith, Attorney in Charge, YAD Somerville Office

Marlies Spanjaard, Director of Education Advocacy, The Edlaw Project

Patrick Sparks, Attorney in Charge, YAD Springfield Office

Michael Taylor, Supervising Attorney, Bar Advocates of Worcester County

Mara Voukydis, YAD Revocation Advocacy Coordinator

Wendy Wolf, YAD Director of Training

Frank Yee, Supervising Attorney, Norfolk County bar Advocates

Andrew Zeiberg, Supervising Attorney, Essex County Bar Advocates