Internships with YAD

YAD offers volunteer interns a variety of experiences and assignments. We have nine trial offices located across the state, as well as a Juvenile Appeals Unit .  The Trial Panel Director and Trial Panel Oversight Attorney along with the Revocation Coordinator, Training Unit, and the EdLaw Project are all located in our Boston office and they take on volunteer interns periodically.  YAD’s Director also takes on interns at various times to work on juvenile justice policy.  While the majority of our internships are reserved for law students, we do consider undergraduate interns for special projects.  If you would like to be considered for an internship with YAD, please follow this link to our online application process.  During the process you will be asked to answer a series of questions concerning your interest in juvenile defense and your office preferences.  In order to track applications properly, candidates interested in an internship must apply via the online portal referenced in the preceding sentence.

YAD also takes on graduate social work interns.  If you are a graduate social work student, please contact YAD’s Director of Social Work,  Claudia Dunne for information.