Immigration Enforcement and the Immigration System

ICE Operations

Current ICE enforcement under the Biden Administration

Overview of ICE Enforcement Programs

ICE Interrogations and Immigrants’ (lack of) Constitutional Protections

Immigration Priorities and Changes of the Trump Administration (OUTDATED)

ICE Detainers

ICE Detainers in State Court

Limits of ICE Detainers (Lunn v. Commonwealth)

SJC Decision in Lunn v. Commonwealth, 477 Mass. 517 (2017)

Understanding Immigration Detainers: An Overview for State Defense Counsel (Immigration Defense Project Advisory)

ICE Arrest and Detention

Representing Clients Detained by ICE – September 2020

Ryan v. ICE First Circuit Decision – September 2020

Vacated Preliminary Injunction in Ryan v. ICE Court House Arrest Litigation Order and  Memo

Trial Court Policy Memo on ICE in Courthouses (2017)

Updated Trial Court Policy Re ICE Court Arrests (July 2019)

Habeing defendants from ICE Custody

ICE Detainee Locator

Does a defendant forfeit his bail if he is transferred into Immigration custody? (Commonwealth v. Bautista) 

ICE Use of Administrative Warrants and True Warrants in Immigration and Criminal Enforcement

Immigration Court

Demystifying Removal Proceedings

Helpful Guides for Clients

 A Guide for Immigrant Youth with Green Cards

Advice for Immigrant Families: Planning for an Emergency

ICE FactSheet for Detained Parents and Legal Guardians

Mass Legal Help on Immigration

PAIR Self Help Manuel for People Detained by Immigration (English)

Know Your Rights for Noncitizens in Criminal Custody

 Information for clients in criminal custody about what to do and say in an interview with an immigration officer in a prison or jail.

Immigration Agencies

Immigration Legal Services and Attorney Referral Services

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Other Immigration Advocacy Resources