Adult Criminal Defense

Adult Criminal Defense

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Duties of Defense Attorneys in Massachusetts

IIU Training Power Point: Immigration Consequences of Criminal Conduct

IIU Guide to Immigration Consequences of Massachusetts Criminal Convictions (May 2018, without Appendix 3) Please note that the 2018 IIU Guide is in the process of being updated. Appendix 3 of that guide (Immigration Consequences of Selected Massachusetts Offenses Reference Chart) is out-of-date and has been removed as of July 2021. Appendix 3 from 2018, and all prior charts, should no longer be relied upon. Please contact the IIU for up-to-date information about specific offenses.

           Representing Clients Detained by ICE – September 2020

DACA and Criminal Bars (August 2020)

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Criminal Bars

Controlled Substance Practice Advisories

Categorical Approach Analysis (Mellouli v. Lynch)

Analysis of Marijuana Distribution Offenses (Moncrieffe v. Holder and Commonwealth v. Jackson)

Drug Trafficking Offenses (Carachuri-Rosendo v. Holder)

Direct Appeals

Impact of Direct Appeals on the Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

ICE Arrests and Detention