Adult Criminal Defense

Adult Criminal Defense

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Duties of Defense Attorneys in Massachusetts

IIU Training Power Point: Immigration Consequences of Criminal Conduct

IIU Guide to Immigration Consequences of Massachusetts Criminal Convictions (April 2022)Please note that Appendix 3 of the IIU Guide (Immigration Consequences of Selected Massachusetts Offenses Reference Chart) has been removed. Appendix 3 from 2018, and all prior charts, is out of date and should no longer be relied upon. Please contact the IIU for up-to-date information about specific offenses.

           Representing Clients Detained by ICE – September 2020

DACA and Criminal Bars (August 2020)

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Criminal Bars

          U- visa overview and discovery

Controlled Substance Practice Advisories

Categorical Approach Analysis (Mellouli v. Lynch)

Analysis of Marijuana Distribution Offenses (Moncrieffe v. Holder and Commonwealth v. Jackson)

Drug Trafficking Offenses (Carachuri-Rosendo v. Holder)

Direct Appeals

Impact of Direct Appeals on the Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

ICE Arrests and Detention