Social Work/Social Services Vendor Billing

Many answers to your billing questions can be found in the Vbill-User-Manual-Jan-2017 and in the Vbill User Manual_Service of Process.

Every vendor who is approved to bill the state for services receives a vendor code: “V-Code”

Once a vendor is approved they receive a letter from Finance with the approved hourly rate and instructions to set up their V-Bill account:

You must have an APPROVED MOTION FOR FUNDS to be paid for your services.

Logging on to VBill:

Login ID: Vendor’s email address
Password: Temporary password is sent with the initial vendor approval email
First time logging on the vendor sets up a security question and a passkey


The first page that pops up is “unread notices”. Vendor must open the notices and click that they were read/reviewed for the system acknowledge that the notice has been opened. If the vendor opens the notice but does not click that it was read, the system does not register that the notice has been “read”. The vendor cannot move past this page until all the notices have been marked “read”.

Invoice Submission:
To submit an invoice for services provided:

  1. Click tab at the top of the page titled “Input Invoices”.
  2. All Social Services work falls under the “Social Work” category.
  3. Input the Notice of Assigned Counsel (NAC) number, which is provided by the attorney. This  number will self-populate the other fields on the page (CPCS division, court, etc.). If you are hired by a CPCS staff attorney or a retained attorney, you must select attorney and enter court information manually.
  4. You will be asked for an invoice number.  This is a number you create; this invoice number is specific to that bill. Consider creating a system that helps you identify the cases but protects your client and attorney information.
  5.  If you are part of an agency, you must find your name in the dropdown.
  6. Rate: you can enter any rate within the range you at which you were approved to bill. Once you set the rate, it is set for that specific invoice.
  7. Date of Service
  8. Type of Service
  9. Calculating a tenth of an hour: all billing is done by a tenth of an hour.
  10. Mileage reimbursement auto-calculates entered miles; Put in starting town and ending town and total amount of miles traveled. If round trip, check “RT” box, and have the miles total equal the RT mile amount. The system limits the maximum number of miles allowed, based on the shortest distance between starting and ending town. If the mileage entered is higher than the maximum number of miles allowed, an alert will be displayed. Reduce the mileage entered to match allowed mileage.
  11. Expenses: Social Services Vendors sometimes incur “expenses”. Common expenses include parking, tolls, postage (not for your bill) and copies.  If you have a question about an expense, please contact the divisional social work/social service director.  Remember to include receipts with your billing.
  12. Once this page is complete, the Vendor is returned to the V-Bill invoice page.
  13. Click “Review Submit” -> Invoice Summary page comes up->Click Submit
  14. A notice is then sent to the attorney to certify the E-Bill; the bill is either certified or not.
  15. Once that attorney certifies (or does not certify) the E-Bill submission, a notice is sent back to the Vendor. A certified E-bill notice will state “Awaiting CPCS Approval”.
  16. Once the E-Bill is certified by the attorney:
  17. a. PRINT out the invoice and sign it;
    b. Attach the CONTEMPORANEOUS TIME RECORD (time tracking sheet that has to match the time that was billed on the invoice; it can be from a billing software to an informal record on the vendor’s letter head);
    c. Include any receipts.
  18. The package is SENT by US postal mail to: CPCS Accounts Payable, 100 Cambridge Street, 14 Floor, Boston, MA 02114

How-to Videos

Here is a link to a Finance website page with EBill and VBill manuals and webinars:

Here is a “how to” PDF on VBill; VBill Steps for Expert Vendors

Questions on V-billing should be directed to:
CPCS Accounts Payable
100 Cambridge St., 14th Floor
Boston, MA 02114
Direct Dial: 617-910-5702
Fax: 617-367-0581

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