No expert will get paid for his or her time until they have become a CPCS vendor. Unfortunately, even if the expert is a vendor for another state agency, such as DMH, DMR, MBHP, Mass Rehab, the expert must apply to become a vendor for CPCS.

• The information and forms to apply are found on the CPCS website at the link below:

• Here is the link to the current vendor manual with information about the qualifications needed to be a vendor and the rates paid:

1. Please submit your completed application, including the following documents to: [email protected]
• Vendor Application:
• Resume or C.V.
• Copy of your license(s) (if applicable) or if not currently licensed, copy of your diploma

2. Once you submit your application, a team of CPCS staff will review your application to confirm your credentials meet requirements based on the vendor manual, and determine the educational level at which you meet these requirements.

3. Once your Expert Vendor Application is approved, a member of our CPCS Vendor Maintenance Team will send you a link to electronic forms generated specifically for you. Once all required vendor set up forms are received, our Vendor Maintenance Team will process your paperwork and get you set up to bill for your services. Please allow up to 2 weeks from vendor set up paperwork submission to full vendor setup completion. A member of our Vendor Maintenance Team will advise you once you’re vendor set up is complete. Questions about your vendor application can be sent to [email protected].

4. Vendors must also agree to bill CPCS in accordance with the established rates for their discipline and qualified degree. Travel time is billed separately, at the hourly rate. Please refer to the information in the current court cost vendor manual here:

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