Becoming a CPCS Social Services Expert Vendor

  1. Please submit your completed application, including the following documents to:
  1. Once you submit your application, a team of CPCS staff will review your application to confirm your credentials meet requirements based on the vendor manual, and determine the educational level at which you meet these requirements. This information will be transmitted to vendor payment staff, who will contact you and send you the following forms needed to set up your Vbill account (these forms can also be found on the CPCS website at this link:
  • Agreement to use the “V-Bill” system of electronic billing and abide by terms of use
  • W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
  • The original W-9 form (even if you have previously submitted a W-9 to another state agency) must be submitted by mail with a cover letter on office letterhead to:

Committee for Public Counsel Services
Attn: Vendor Maintenance Clerk
44 Bromfield Street, 4
th Fl
Boston, MA 02108

  1. Vendors must also agree to bill CPCS in accordance with the established rates for their discipline and qualified degree. Travel time is billed separately, at the hourly rate.  Please refer to the information in the current court cost vendor manual here: