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Client Resources

These links provide information useful to clients of the private counsel division and the general public.

Innocence Program

The purpose of the Innocence Program is to obtain exonerations for indigent Massachusetts state defendants who are actually innocent of the crimes of which they have been convicted.   Here is a list of resources relied on by the Innocence Program that may be of interest to clients

If you are actually innocent of a Massachusetts crime of which you were convicted, and can’t afford a lawyer,  you can apply for representation by the innocence program using this application form.

Alternative Commitment and Support Unit resources.

The The Alternative Commitment and Support Unit works to ensure that indigent clients are well-represented in sexually dangerous persons (SDP) proceedings in Superior Court, in Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) proceedings before the SORB and Superior Court, and in the appeal of SORB and SDP cases to the appellate courts.   These are resources used by the ACS that may be of interest to clients and the public.

County Bar Advocate programs

Bar advocates are private attorneys who take assignments to represent CPCS clients.

Social services organizations

These organizations offer help with shelter, substance abuse, and mental health counseling.

Find Legal Aid

Looking for advice or representation in a civil matter? Find the civil legal services providers for your area.

Criminal Offender Record Information  (CORI)

Here you can learn your CORI Rights, learn how to obtain  a copy of your criminal record, learn how to correct or seal your record if you are eligible, and find answers to many other questions.

Know Your CORI Rights

General Information about CORI

Obtaining a copy of your CORI record online

Who can get access to your CORI Information

Reinstating you Drivers License After  Drug Conviction

If you lost your driver’s license after being convicted of a drug offense other than trafficking, you may be eligible to have your license reinstated.