Criminal Appellate Brief Writing Workshop

The criminal appeals unit of the private counsel division holds a periodic brief writing workshop for members of the criminal appellate panel.  These day-long  workshops are collaborative in nature. With a workshop leader, the participants engage in writing exercises and then critique each others written work together.  The participants also prepare a short brief before the workshop based on a 40 page transcript. Those briefs are reviewed and critiqued by the participants and leader during the workshop as well. The workshops are limited to approximately seven participants in order to allow every person’s work to receive attention.  Some writing techniques that are taught include drafting syllogistic issue statements and using dramatic structure to draft the facts.  Taking the workshop is a requirement for acceptance onto the panel, and may be taken on a voluntary basis by panelists who have been certified.   The workshop is free of charge and is worth eight (8) CLE credits.

For more information on the workshop contact attorney Murray Kohn at [email protected]

image credit: writing hand