Upcoming CLE Opportunity: Trial and Appellate Advocacy Concentration: Deposition Master Classes

Upcoming CLE Opportunity: Part One January 22, Part Two February 12- Suffolk Law (Boston, 2 & 2 credits) Trial and Appellate Advocacy Concentration: Deposition Master Classes: Advanced Deposition Practice & Strategy, January 22 & Complex Case Strategies, February 12

PART ONE: Advanced Deposition Practice and Strategy

Part One focuses on advanced deposition strategies designed to enhance the value and utility of the information obtained. This is not an intro course in “How to Take a Deposition”. This program is designed for lawyers who have taken many dispositions, but continue to experience less than optimal results. Panel members will provide specific examples of case winning depositions that were central to the outcome of the case.

PART TWO: Deposition Strategies in Complex Case Categories

Anyone who has ever handled a medical malpractice case or a complicated product liability case, knows how different the deposition experience is when compared with a deposition in a minor (or even a major) motor vehicle accident, or premises liability case. Unlike a simple motor vehicle case, a medical malpractice case may involve a large number of defendants, many of whom may have existing professional loyalties to one another. Awareness of such loyalties and appreciation for the considerable skill and sophistication of the medical malpractice defense bar, are essential in crafting strategies effective in reaching the truth. Panel members represent some of the Commonwealth’s most accomplished trial lawyers with extensive backgrounds in medical malpractice and product liability trial work. Many have obtained record-setting verdicts and settlement. What they share is a range of valuable experience in the area of deposition practice that will be of great value to all who attend.

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