Upcoming CLE Opportunity: Opening Statements & Closing Arguments

Upcoming CLE Opportunity: January 18-MCLE (Boston, 3 CLE) Opening Statements & Closing Arguments Guiding the jury to your verdict

At trial, the jury is effectively dropped into the depths of a jungle and told to find their way out. They are confronted with two strangers (the lawyers), each telling them to follow a different path. Ultimately, the jury must decide who they believe and which path they will travel. They will base their decision not only on the evidence but also on which lawyer they find to be the more credible guide—and that decision typically turns on what they hear first (primacy) and what they hear last (recency).

The opening statement and closing argument are your opportunity to persuade the jury to follow you. In this seminar, experts demonstrate effective ways to show the jury your path and convince them that it is the best one. There is no one right way to deliver your message, but there are many wrong ways. This seminar identifies the principal objectives of opening statements and closing arguments and demonstrates techniques to achieve those objectives

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