Notice to CPCS Staff Attorneys and Private Counsel

On Sunday evening, Governor Baker directed that all non-emergency state employees working in Executive Branch agencies should not report to their workplace on Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17.

The Court, following the lead of the Governor, announced late this evening that the Trial Courts will be closed to the public on Monday and Tuesday. This means that Courts will be closed and there will be no access during the next two days.

Chief Justice Paula Carey has directed that judges will be available in each court by telephone conference to review bail determinations for any person held in custody for an arrest that occurred over the weekend and on Monday. All other emergency matters should be directed to a judge through the Judicial Response System.

The Judicial Response System handles requests for abuse prevention orders (c. 209A), harassment prevention orders, extreme risk protection orders, search warrants, mental health emergencies under c. 123, s. 18 (a), and medical emergencies. Details of the Courts announcement are available here.

Any attorney who has a duty day Monday or Tuesday should reach out to the clerk’s office as soon as possible to get a list of the people who are being held and who will have their bails reviewed via telephone. Attorneys should then try to contact the person being held through the police station, either in person preferably, or by telephone to obtain any mitigating information that can be used in the telephone review of the bail.

We are sending out this notice to provide as much information as we have at this point in time based on the information that the Court has provided. As soon as we have additional information, we will send it along.

Thank you for your continued vigilance in ensuring that our clients are afforded due process throughout this public safety crisis.

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