JESSIE ALTAGRACIA BRITO, Maura Mellen Administrative Professional Award.  The Maura Mellen Administrative Professional Award honors an administrative staff member who has made an outstanding contribution to the delivery of zealous and effective advocacy for CPCS clients. The award recognizes that administrative staff members perform many critical roles in the provision of zealous representation to CPCS clients.

Jessie Brito, the consummate dedicated, intelligent, hardworking, collaborative colleague, has been an integral part of the Roxbury CPCS offices for over fifteen years.  Jessie began her career at CPCS with the Roxbury Defenders in 2001 moving to YAD in 2012 as the Administrative Assistant. Throughout these years, she has established herself as the glue that keeps the office running smoothly and, as a result, best able to serve our clients and the community.

Jessie’s outstanding organizational skills, meticulous approach to every aspect of her work, and willingness to tackle any project, have made her indispensable. As the point person for the YAD office, with her calm and professional approach, she not only places the attorneys and social service advocate in the best position to do our jobs, but also takes care of all our juvenile clients and, at times, their stressed out parents.

Jessie places a premium on working collaboratively with everyone in the co-located offices, willing to lend a hand when needed, always taking the initiative to see what needs to be done, and taking care of it.  She is the quintessential “team player.”

Jessie’s dedication to the mission of CPCS, demonstrated through her words and actions, inspires all of us lucky enough to work with her.  She embodies all of the qualities recognized by the Maura Mellen Award. ​