Honoring the Best in Indigent Defense

On May 24, 2016, at the John Adams Courthouse, CPCS honored exemplary attorneys – both public and private – social workers, investigators, and professional administrative staff who dedicate their careers to overcoming injustice and championing the cause of zealous representation and effective assistance of counsel.

In describing this year’s event, CPCS Chief Counsel Anthony Benedetti said, “This year we recognized ten outstanding individuals who have made and continue to make extraordinary contributions to indigent defense. Not all of the honorees are attorneys because the best, most effective representation happens when attorneys, investigators, social workers, and other support staff expend a united effort on behalf of our clients. Zealous advocacy is only attainable through the best efforts of a team, a team made up of a variety of individuals.”

To read the full description about this year’s award recipients click here.

The staff and members of the private bar who received this year’s awards are:

Luke and Nancy May 24 2016  Atty. Luke Ryan – Edward J. Duggan Award for Outstanding Service – Private Counsel


Randy and John May 24 2016  Atty. John Redden – Edward J. Duggan Award for Outstanding Service – Public Counsel


Barbara and Josh May 24 2016  Atty. Barbara Kaban – Carol Donovan Exceptional Advocacy Award


Arnie and Anthony May 24 2016  Atty. Arnie Lucinda StewartThurgood Marshall Award


Robert and Karen May 24 2016  Atty. Robert Fleischner – Paul J. Liacos Mental Health Advocacy Award


Joe and Josh May 24 2016  Atty. Joseph Mulhern – Jay D. Blitzman Youth Advocacy Award


Karen and Anna May 24 2016  Lauren J. Honigman –  Jane Addams Award for Outstanding Social Service Accomplishments


Andrew and Richard May 24 2016  Andrew D. Moan –  Armand Goyette Investigator Award


Mike and Judie  Judith H. Flynn – Maura Mellen Administrative Professional Award


Mike and Christine May 24 2016  Atty. Christine Bonardi – Margaret Winchester Child Welfare Advocacy Award

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