MyGideon is a new, national website for criminal defense attorneys. Formed by a Harvard Institute and associated with the National Association for Public Defense,’s goal is to provide resource-starved public defenders across the nation with free access to case law and legal information. Membership is limited to those representing indigent defendants.

This includes a great deal of information regarding forensics and related fields in the law.  CPCS has partnered with as a means of sharing information amongst the private bar advocates who have been approved to take indigent defendant’s cases in Massachusetts.  MyGideon was instrumental in the release of materials related to the drug lab closure and scandal.

In particular, CPCS is using as a means to distribute content to Bar Advocates in Massachusetts.  To gain access to the website, please contact Kristen Munichiello at [hide]kmunichiello@localhost/cpcs[/hide], or Nathan Tamulis at [hide]ntamulis@localhost/cpcs[/hide].

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