The Committee for Public Counsel Services has learned that Attorney Richard M. Doyle Jr., who represented defendants as a court-appointed attorney from 1991 until 2017, publicly posted on Facebook various racist, bigoted, and intolerant statements against individuals who were black, Hispanic, Muslim, transgender, and undocumented immigrants while he was representing clients. Additionally, Attorney Doyle made public posts denigrating criminal defendants generally as well as his own clients.

If you were represented by Attorney Richard M. Doyle Jr you may be entitled to a new trial or to vacate (undo) your guilty plea. Please note that there is no guarantee at this time that you will be entitled to vacate your conviction simply because you were represented by Attorney Doyle. If you are indigent(unable to afford a lawyer), you are entitled to have an attorney appointed at no cost to you to screen your case to determine if there are grounds for moving for a new trial or to vacate a guilty plea.


[Attorneys please note: Attorney inquiries should be sent to [email protected]]

You may want to consult with a lawyer to determine whether it makes sense for you to try to get a new trial or undo your plea.

If Attorney Doyle was appointed to represent you on a case and represented you through a guilty plea or a conviction after trial, please complete and submit the form below or leave the same information on our confidential recorded intake line at 617-910-5895. Please note you may only leave a message; you will NOT be able to speak with anyone.  Please be prepared to provide the following information.

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Defendant/Caller’s Phone Number
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Due to the large number of anticipated inquiries, a lawyer may not contact you for a number of days or weeks whether you call or use the inquiry form. We appreciate your patience.