Al has been zealously defending the rights of individuals charged with committing crimes in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the past 8 years.  Prior to obtaining his license to practice law, he graduated with Honors from Framingham State College in 2008. From there he attended Suffolk University Law School during which time he honed his skills as a trial lawyer, competing in several National Level Trial Competitions and taking courses in Criminal Trial Advocacy.

In his final year of Law School he began practicing Criminal Defense as a member of the Suffolk Defenders Clinic, representing individuals in the Boston Municipal Court of Suffolk County.  Since Graduating Cum Laude from Suffolk Law in 2012, he has been employed by the Committee for Public Counsel Services where, after completing rigorous training, he continued representing indigent defendants; this time in Worcester County.  He has practiced in all of the District Courts of Worcester County as well as Worcester Superior Court.

For the past 4 years he has been proud to be a member of the Worcester CPCS Youth Advocacy Department, representing Juvenile Defendants in Worcester County.  He routinely handles even the most serious Youthful Offender level cases.  He has also practiced extensively in the Education Advocacy setting for students facing suspensions or expulsion issues, as well as representing special education clients in IEP meetings.