Infamous as a young child for starting long and overly-involved conversations with every person in ear shot while her mother’s attention was elsewhere, and having a much longer “Why?” phase than any of her peers, Rachael has always been curious and excited to learn from and about the people around her. She attended college at Clark University in Worcester, where she majored in psychology with a concentration in Ethics and Public Policy. Throughout her undergraduate years, Rachael sought out training and volunteer opportunities working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence, including staffing a 24-hour crisis line.

After college, Rachael worked at a residential program for youth with mental health and substance use concerns, which is where she discovered her love for working with this population. To gain further training and knowledge in the field, Rachael pursued her master’s degree in social work at Simmons University in Boston, where she graduated in 2015. After graduation, she found work at one of her former internship sites, providing intensive, in-home family therapy services to youth aged 3-22 and their families.

Rachael obtained her licensure, first as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and finally as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. After several years as an in-home therapist, she decided to pursue her passion for working with youth in the context of the criminal justice system. She joined the Youth Advocacy Division of CPCS in July 2019 and has been working to support court-involved youth in Suffolk County since.