untitledRoxbury Defenders Unit
10 Malcolm X Blvd., Ste 2-1
Roxbury, MA 02119
Phone: 617-989-8100
Fax: 617-541-0904

This office covers Suffolk Superior Court, Roxbury, Dorchester & West Roxbury divisions of the Boston Municipal Court.


Managing Director

Allison S. Cartwright

Attorney In-Charge

Lavinia Bullock
617-318-5453 (Send Email)

Supervising Attorneys

Cristina Rodrigues
617-318-5441 (Send Email)

Zachary Cloud
617-318-5443 (Send Email)

Staff Attorney

Rufus Burgess
617-318-5455 (Send Email)

Victoria Campbell
617-318-5452 (Send Email)

Jessenia Carredano
617-318-5460 (Send Email)

Christie Charles
617-318-5442 (Send Email)

Nicole Collins
617-318-5454 (Send Email)

James Greenberg
617-318-5440 (Send Email)

Amaylah Israel
617-318-5459 (Send Email)

Cory McAlister
617-318-5456 (Send Email)

Pranav Nanda
617-318-5451 (Send Email)

Sandra (Neni) Odiaga
617-318-5461 (Send Email)

John Osler
617-318-5470 (Send Email)

Elizabeth Pardy
617-318-5448 (Send Email)

Maxwell Passas
617-318-5446 (Send Email)

David Shea
617-318-5458 (Send Email)

Social Service Advocates

Norman Beach
617-318-5467 (Send Email)

Michaela Valentine
617-318-5439 (Send Email)

Kaitlin Siempelkamp, Northeast Regional Social Service Advocate Supervisor

617-209-5543 (Send Email)


Douglas Hansen
617-318-5466 (Send Email)

Support Staff

Robin Allen-D’Abreau, Supervising Administrative Assistant
617-318-5434 (Send Email)

Renee Foster, Administrative Assistant
617-318-5456 (Send Email)

Other CPCS Staff

John Redden, Criminal Defense Trial Attorney
617-989-8100 (Send Email)

Joshua Raisler Cohn, Criminal Defense Training Attorney/Trial Attorney
617-318-5449 (Send Email)



This office covers Suffolk Superior CourtRoxbury, Dorchester & West Roxbury divisions of the Boston Municipal Court.






Photo: Credit Christopher Gonsalves, CPCS Staff