BROWN, Tim 2

Supervising Attorney

Tim Brown joined CPCS as a Staff Attorney in 2006, and has been a Supervising Attorney since 2012. As a Public Defender, Tim mainly has worked in the Dorchester, Boston Municipal, and Suffolk Superior Courts. He has represented clients in every adult court in the city. Tim is a graduate of the Northeastern University School of Law and Yale College. In his work, Tim is driven by the belief that the criminal prosecution system does more harm than good to citizens and communities in Boston. Problems related to the failed drug war — over-policing, mass incarceration — undermine public safety. The criminalization of addiction and poverty worsen social divisions, and support a warped relationship between government and the public: control and monitoring is placed ahead of service and protection. Tim and his wife live in Boston where they are raising their kids to be suspicious of authority.

Photo: Paper Schemes Productions