Miriam Ruttenberg is the first full-time Training Director for the Committee for Public Counsel Services Mental Health Litigation Division (MHLD), and has been in this role since May 2018. Miriam’s unit trains private bar attorneys to represent clients in civil commitment and adult guardianship proceedings through initial certification programs as well as continuing legal education programs. As part of the CPCS Training Department, she is also responsible for developing cross-practice educational opportunities for the public and private bar.

Prior to her current position, Miriam was a Senior Attorney with the Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee (MHLAC). She was with MHLAC for more than 17 years and represented clients with mental health issues in a range of areas, including custody and parenting time, guardianship matters, and special education needs. In her last five years at MHLAC, Miriam led a coalition of organizations advocating for a bill to prohibit students from being arrested for minor misbehavior. She also worked for the right of clients in psychiatric facilities to get daily access to the outdoors; advocated for uniform practices for ADA accommodations in the courts; and coordinated the MHLAC trainings for attorneys and clinicians. Miriam earned her undergraduate degree from Hampshire College and her J.D. from American University Washington College of Law.