Committee for Public Counsel Services
Children and Family Law Division
One Congress Street, Suite 102
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: (617) 209-5500
Fax: (617) 523-0352

We are located across the street from the Edward J. Brooke Courthouse and the Haymarket MBTA Station. The entrance is located on the corner of Congress and New Chardon Street.


Attorney in Charge

Daniel Mahoney, (Send Email)

Supervising Attorneys

Nancy Hathaway, (Send Email)
Jeannie Rhinehart, (Send Email)

Staff Attorneys

Aezad Aftab, (Send Email)
Rebecca Amdemariam, (Send Email)
Elizabeth Bedell, (Send Email)
Judith Bromley, (Send Email)
Flora Chang, (Send Email)
Jessica Cochrane, (Send Email)
Katrina Farias, (Send Email)
Michael Meagher, (Send Email)
Yangchen (Tenzin) Nangpa, (Send Email)
Jessica Rubin-Wills, (Send Email)

Social Workers

David Mattes, (Send Email)
Caitlyn O’Reilly, (Send Email)
Beverly Ann Rock, (Send Email)
Lisa Tankanow, (Send Email)

Support Staff

Tamika Jones, Administrative Assistant, (Send Email)