Boston (CAFL Admin & Training) Directory

Committee for Public Counsel Services
Children and Family Law Division

75 Federal Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Phone: (617) 482-6212
Fax: (617) 988-8455


Deputy Chief Counsel

Michael Dsida, 617-910-5713 (Send Email)

Managing Directors

Nancy Baratta, 617-910-5740 (Send Email)

Jacquelyn O’Brien, 617-910-5777 (Send Email)

Appellate Panel Director

Andrew Cohen, 617-910-5736 (Send Email)

Director of Social Work

Sarah Derby, 617-910-5737 (Send Email)

Director of Private Social Work Services

Meg Grant, 617-910-5839 (Send Email)

Training Director

Amy Karp, 617-910-5749 (Send Email)

Trial Panel Director

Drew Don, 617-910-5838 (Send Email)

Legal Training Attorneys

Elizabeth Broderick, 617-910-5748 (Send Email)
Katharine Klubock (Supervisor), 617-910-5750 (Send Email)
Katy Krywonis, 617-910-5742 (Send Email)

Trial Panel Support Attorneys

Lisa Augusto, 617-910-5738 (Send Email)
Brian Blakeslee, 508-815-5714 (Send Email)                                                                                      Paula Caradonna, 617-910-5828 (Send Email)
Alice Turner, 617-910-5743 (Send Email)

Appellate Panel Support Attorneys


Appellate Assignment and Certification Coordinator

Rita Caso, 617-910-5735 (Send Email)

Administrative Assistant

Linda Tabbut, 617-910-5739 (Send Email)