Private Counsel Billing

The Private Counsel billing staff processes Legal Service bills submitted through the Ebill 2.0 systems.  It also processes Notice of Assignment of Counsel (NAC) records submitted by the MassCourts system and also paper NAC forms submitted by the courts.

A link to the Assigned Counsel Manual is in the sidebar on the right side of this page. Please review this manual. The Billing Policies and Procedures are in Chapter 5 of this manual.

To download or view the EBill 2.0 User Manual click the following link: EBill 2.0 User Manual

To apply to become a new State Vendor or to Update your current State Vendor information, click here.

Private Counsel Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact our staff at for any of the following:

  • Attorney assignment questions (both MassCourts and paper NACs).
  • Questions regarding the EBill system or the status of your submitted EBill.
  • Questions regarding Associate and Paralegal bills, No-case duty day bills, Supervisor bills, out-of-state travel, and requests for EBill adjustments or corrections.
  • To reopen a criminal, SORB, or Mental Health NAC. Please see the CAFL webpage regarding the procedure for reopening or closing CAFL NAC.
  • Any other questions or assistance with regard to private counsel billing.

The following may be helpful if the EBill team cannot help you:

  • To start an application to become a vendor, please contact A CPCS employee will send you a link to electronic forms generated specifically for you.
  • To follow-up on the status of your application to be a State Vendor or an update to this information, please contact  Please allow 3 weeks from submittal before checking on the status.
  • For questions on how to approve your vendor’s Vbill, please contact
  • If you are requesting that a payment be stopped and replaced, please contact