Court Cost Billing

The Court Cost Billing staff processes bills submitted through the Vbill system and on Payment Voucher Input forms.  They also process new Vendor Records and updates to these records.

The policies for the Court Costs of Indigent Persons Fund are in the Court Cost Vendor Manual.  Please review this document.

To download or view the online Vbill User Manual, click here.

For vendors who submit their bills on a Payment Voucher Input Form (Public Notices and American Sign Language providers), click here.

To apply to become a new CPCS State Vendor or to update your current State Vendor information, click here.

Court Cost Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Below are contacts for staff members who can assist you with these processes:

Payment Voucher Input Form

Instructional Payment Voucher
Payment Voucher Form Download
Payment Voucher Instructions for Public Notices