Calendar Year 2020 Committee Meeting Dates

All meetings will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the CPCS Conference Rooms at 44 Bromfield Street, Boston, MA and will be held on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening or as otherwise noted.

January 16th            Thursday
February 19th          Wednesday
February 25th          Tuesday
March 19th              Thursday (Remote)
April 16                    Thursday (Remote)
May 20th                  Wednesday (Remote)
June 17th                  Wednesday
June 18                    Thursday (Remote)
July 15th                   Wednesday
August                     NO MEETING
September 16th      Wednesday
September 17th      Thursday (Remote)
October 14th           Wednesday
October 15th           Thursday
November 18th      Wednesday
November 19th      Thursday
December 16th       Wednesday
December 17th       Thursday

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