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Immigration Consequences of Criminal Conduct

2 CLE:  Adult Criminal, Criminal Appeals, YAD, YAD Appeals

CPCS Webinar: Immigration Consequences of Criminal Conduct
Monday, June 15
10 pm – 12pm

In this refresher training, Jen Klein and Claire Valentin from the Immigration Impact Unit will review of the basics of immigration consequences of criminal conduct. The training will cover immigration enforcement as a result of criminal conduct as well as the criminal grounds of inadmissibility and deportability.


The training builds on the May 8 and May 15th training “Life of an Immigration Case for the Criminal Defense Practitioner” (now on MyGideon as a recording), and is also appropriate for any attorney looking to brush up on how to advise noncitizen clients facing criminal charges.



Life of an Immigration Case for the Criminal Defense Practitioner

We all know about the terrible immigration consequences that can happen to our non-citizen clients who appear in criminal court.  For example, we drill into our heads that a CWOF is a guilty for immigration purposes.  But some of us wonder what will happen to our clients when ICE takes them from the criminal courthouse.

Claire Valentin from the Immigration Impact Unit will tell us about the Life of an Immigration Case, starting from a client’s first appearance in immigration court.

1 CLE (Criminal, Criminal Appeals, CAFL, YAD, YAD Appeals)


To Register:  https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/7388451363747742209