Motion in Limine practice in the Berkshires

In this one-hour training, Emily Herder and Dorothy Storrow will discuss the ins and outs of Motion in Limine practice in the Berkshires.  Participants will receive Attorney Herder’s extensively researched model motion and memo of law.  These pleadings can be used as a starting point for your motions in limine.  They also provide an extensive […]

Everything the CAFL Trial Attorney Needs to Know About Appeals (Middlesex and Essex Counties)

CAFL Training Virtual Seminar Notice Everything the CAFL Trial Attorney Needs to Know About Appeals December 6, 2021 1:30-3:00 PM (Middlesex and Essex Counties) Eligible for 1.5 CLE Credits Come hear from Andrew Cohen, Director of the CAFL Appellate Panel, and Ann Narris from the CAFL Appellate Panel Support Unit about protecting your clients' appellate rights.  We will […]

Cultural Humility Series: Racial Trauma and Healing with Dr. Vanessa Prosper

Part 2, Session 2 Dr. Vanessa Prosper on Racial Trauma and Healing Children and families of color are disproportionately more likely to come into contact with child welfare and juvenile legal systems. Join Dr. Vanessa Prosper as we explore racial trauma, its impact on our clients, and how we can promote more successful and equitable outcomes […]

How to File a Discrimination Complaint with the HHS Office of Civil Rights

Important federal laws protect our clients from discrimination. The ADA and Section 504 prohibit discrimination based on disability, while Title VI prohibits discrimination based on race, color and national origin.  Yet DCF routinely fails to use interpreters when communicating with our LEP and deaf and hard of hearing clients, does not translate important documents such […]